Our Industry

Arudhra Techologies is a professionally managed Company established to deliver the best solutions available from internationally reputed manufacturers in the field of Research and Development, Water Quality, Oceanography, Hydrology, Meteorology, Marine and Fisheries.

We committed to provide the best customer support across India in the areas of Product & application , Projects, Consultation, system integration, installation, maintenance, technical service, IQ/OQ documentation..

Our focus currently is to address the related needs of Research organizations, Institutions, universities, Fisheries and Industries which are active in the fields of Environmental sciences, Water Quality, Hydrology, Meteorology, Marine and Oceanography..

Water Quality & Lab

We offer wide range of water quality and Lab instruments which gives output of unparalleled accuracy and also with latest technology.


We Manufacture and supply Wide range Caution Marker Buoys , Navigational Buoys, Deep Sea Buoys, Environmental Monitoring Buoys, Channel Marking Buoys etc.

Mooring Services

Company has excellent manpower for Mooring. we do our activities ranges from shallow water to deep ocean. our mooring expert has decade of experience in mooring.

Ocean Research

The Products are Made for Observing the ocean — Recent advances in instruments and techniques for physical oceanography which can be used by Oceanographic research centers, major universities, the marine industry, Fisheries and and government agencies.

Design and Fabrication of Floating Systems & Cages.

We Design Fabricate and Manufacture variety Cages and Floating Systems like GI Fish Cage, HDPE Fish Cage, Bio-Floc Units,& Floating Platforms for Aquaculture and Marine .We cater according to the customer needs.


We Arudhra Technologies Encaged in Supply , Installation and Manufacturing of Wide range of Floating Devices, FRP Boats, Kayak Boats, FRP Tanks and Much More. Our Products emphasizing broad benefits of ease installation, Weather Proof performance, Excellent water resistance, Exceptional fire retardant properties and Maintenance free life.

Our Branches


Branch office in 5 state . In house fiber manufacturing facilities Separate unit for manufacturing buoy

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